About Us


We Care’s participation at each one of these events over the last 30 years has varied according to the needs of the individual families and communities during the crisis.

We Care provides volunteer management at events assisting local communities as they wish to help but sometimes don't know how. In addition to providing proven leadership in key roles, we help leaders set realistic goals during the crisis.

Additionally We Care served as part of the cleanup efforts after fires and hurricanes. To give you a glimpse of the scope of our involvement; some of these projects impacted over 1000 Homes and involved mobilizing hundreds of volunteers from across the nation to response the individual crisis.

During other events, We Care provides emotional support and first aid to first responders by using proven CISM principles through debriefing and defusing.

Working with community members, we were empathetic listeners, provided practical resourcing, hydration, tending to their needs; all with tenderness and dignity Many times this required tending to the memorial sites that spontaneously spring up, as well we shared tears of compassion.

In addition to these two primary functions of We Care we also offer training to teach individuals how to help other individuals during times of Crisis through the "Healing the Brokenhearted" seminar.

Additionally, we developed and published grief and loss curriculum through our Grief Recovery book.

In additions, we have developed addiction recovery curriculum for individuals struggling with substance abuse.